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Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) was developed by Edgewood Health Network, the largest provider of in and outpatient addiction treatment services in Canada. Our program incorporates both individual and group therapy sessions and is facilitated by a team of addiction professionals. This holistic program utilizes evidence-based practices that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual while promoting the maintenance of an overall health plan. 


All sessions are geared towards facilitating self- awareness and recovery from negative patterns with substances or process behaviors such as gambling, gaming, and eating. A combination of assessments, lectures, group therapy, and structured activities are used to assist individuals to recognize addictive behaviors, develop healthier coping strategies, and set goals for healthy living. These practices have proven to be effective in the treatment of addictions disorders. 

The program provides: 

* Education on addiction: its effects on the brain, behaviors, and its impact on the family. 

* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: changing negative thinking, dealing with setbacks, learning to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

* Relapse prevention strategies: managing cravings, recovery supports. 

* Stress reduction and health living practices including mind-body relaxation techniques. 

* Wellness recovery and planning. 


* Two psycho-educational groups per week. 

* Two interpersonal process groups per week. 

* One urine analysis per week. 

* One individual session per week. 

* going intake