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A little bit about us.


Brazzoni and Associates Mental Health Services, Inc. has offered a range of mental health counselling, addiction, and training services throughout the Central and Northern Interior of British Columbia since 1995. It is our belief that a high quality of mental health services should be accessible to individuals living in central/north British Columbia including our urban and rural communities. Our registered mental health clinicians bring a variety of experience and areas of specialization to our practice. We now offer intensive addiction treatment and aftercare in addition to our regular services.


“Meeting the unique needs of the north”

B&A has changed with the community for the past two decades and by doing so, continue to meet the unique needs of the North. In our latest development, addiction treatment is now being offered through our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Aftercare program. These programs were designed by Edgewood Health Network, the largest provider of inpatient and outpatient services within Canada. Your employees can access one of the best addiction support programs while remaining at home in central BC.  For more information, see below or call for your complimentary assessment.

Private (self pay) clients need no referral to access our services for individual or family counselling.

Employee and Family Assistance Programs are offered to meet the specific needs of your company or First Nations community. In addition to general therapeutic intervention, therapists at B & A can provide addiction support, conflict resolution, and a variety of workshops. 

First Nations’ community mental health services are a significant part of our practice. We offer mental health & addiction program development, supervision, training, and direct mental health and addiction service for semi remote and remote First Nation communities. 

With a qualified International Critical Incident Stress Management facilitate on staff, we can certify groups in your workplace or community in the Mitchell/Everly CISM model.

As local providers, we provide companies with EFAP services that meet the unique needs of the north.  We understand the climate and culture of the central north of our province.  While we believe face to face counselling should be the first option for counselling, we also have telephone and online options available for those employees who prefer not to come into the office for a variety of reasons including privacy, personal mobility, and poor winter driving conditions.  Services cover individual, couples, and family counselling.   

Workplace services can include conflict resolution and critical incident stress training and response.  We believe that any EFAP program should be inclusive of a strong Critical Incident Stress Management program (CISM).  As specialists in CISM, we can train members of your staff in CISM and offer an immediate and comprehensive response in the event of a crisis.   

With an in-house addiction recovery program, we can assist those employees and their family members who are suffering from substance abuse issues in a seamless supported process.   

Our current client groups range in size from 12 employees to over 2000.


Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) was developed by Edgewood Health Network, the largest provider of in and outpatient addiction treatment services in Canada. Our program incorporates both individual and group therapy sessions and is facilitated by a team of addiction professionals. This holistic program utilizes evidence-based practices that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual while promoting the maintenance of an overall health plan. 


All sessions are geared towards facilitating self- awareness and recovery from negative patterns with substances or process behaviors such as gambling, gaming, and eating. A combination of assessments, lectures, group therapy, and structured activities are used to assist individuals to recognize addictive behaviors, develop healthier coping strategies, and set goals for healthy living. These practices have proven to be effective in the treatment of addictions disorders. 

The program provides: 

* Education on addiction: its effects on the brain, behaviors, and its impact on the family. 

* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: changing negative thinking, dealing with setbacks, learning to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

* Relapse prevention strategies: managing cravings, recovery supports. 

* Stress reduction and health living practices including mind-body relaxation techniques. 

* Wellness recovery and planning. 


* Two psycho-educational groups per week. 

* Two interpersonal process groups per week. 

* One urine analysis per week. 

* One individual session per week. 

* going intake 


Early recovery is a time of transition and one where aftercare support is critical to long term behavioural change. Our Aftercare group provides an opportunity for individuals to build on the foundation of recovery that was developed in a treatment program. 


Weekly client driven group therapy inviting participants to share their real-life experiences of recovery, give feedback, challenge behaviours and thinking processes while being part of a supportive environment. Each group has one accredited counsellor who is trained in addiction treatment. Group sessions are two hours in length. The first hour is topic lead discussion and the second hour is group process on any issues the participants wish to bring to the group. 


* To help ensure the client remains abstinent from mood altering drugs or behaviours. 

* To make available a support community that will provide feedback to the client 

* To provide support for the client’s reintegration into the family, work and community 

* To identify potential relapse behaviours 

* To provide a safe environment where clients can process their emotions 

* To ensure that the client’s recovery plan is being followed 

Client Requirements 

* Successful completion of an inpatient or outpatient treatment program 

* A one- hour consultation session is required to develop an aftercare plan 


B&A has offered a specialization in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) for 20 years.  We have an approved trainer from the International Critical Incident Stress Management Foundation on staff and we can train in two levels of CISM; Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support; and Group Crisis Intervention.   

In addition to training, we provide CISM response to companies and First Nations communities. 

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